Why do order of attribute make a difference?

In (at least) Google Chrome 14.0.825.0 dev on Mac OS X the placeholder is not rendered for some attribute types (in this example email and password) if the placeholder attribute is placed before the type attribute.

If you focus and then blur the input element the placeholder will be rendered.

Funny that placeholder is rendered with the invalid attrtibute type wibble.

Is there a good explanation or is this a bug in Chrome?

Fixed in 14.0.835.0 (Google Chrome Canary build, Mac OS X).

type attribute before placeholder attribute

<input type=text placeholder=foobar>
<input type=email placeholder=foobar>
<input type=password placeholder=foobar>
<input type=wibble placeholder=foobar>

placeholder attribute before text attribute

<input placeholder=foobar type=text>
<input placeholder=foobar type=email>
<input placeholder=foobar type=password>
<input placeholder=foobar type=wibble>